We’ve come to tear the walls down.

And when the embers all fall onto the ground,

we will rise and stand tall.

A fist in the air and a battle cry.

A battle cry.


Time will show where we’ll stand.

Back to back or hand in hand.

Will we arise or descend?

The ones who live will see the end.

The end.


I’m not going to give up.

I just got lost in the pressure.

And when this screaming finally stops,

we’ll take down the oppressors and the ones who possess us.


We, of this generation, we fucked up.

We disrupt and can’t be stopped.

Kept by the corporation in these ruins.

In this state of deprivation.

This devastation.


Sometimes you need to fight to be set free from broken bones and caustic misery.

A gun that only fires when it needs to.

All the guilt that’s slowly killing me.

We need to kill to say we’re free.


Will I ever find the way out of my mind?