I hear teardrops falling.

I can feel their pain.

I hear screaming,

and it’s screaming my name.

A cold shoulder and a warm embrace.

I am afraid, but still I feel safe.


‘Cause when I’m with you, there’s nothing I would rather do.

There's nowhere I would rather be than with you, lying next to me.


I’m constantly lying to get my way.

And this is my sentence, the price I must pay

for the ones who love me,

for the way that I've changed,

for the ones I abandoned and the one that I chased.


Everything is falling apart.

A broken mind and a broken heart.

Truth will take and lies will reveal,

but every single thing seems so real when I’m with you.


The world keeps crashing down around me.

The streets are breaking up at my feet.

The overtake of reality.

The final breath of air I can breathe when I’m with you.